Sameea Farooq
Founder and CEO - GentleZzz Sleep Consulting
Bahrain, Pakistan, Middle East

I am Sameea, a doctor, mum of 2 girls and a Sleep Sense™ Certified Consultant. My passion is to help tired and exhausted parents get their babies sleeping through the night and have good naps during the day through gentle and proven strategies.

I was in a similar boat when my younger one was born, a sleep deprived, exhausted mum, who had tried every trick and googled a million articles to improve her sleep but nothing worked. So i decided to take help from a certified sleep consultant and it was one of the best decisions of my life. My baby was sleeping 11-12 hours in the night straight and i was a happy content mom.

And now I want to share this joy of sleep with other fellow mums and dads who are looking for help. Trust me, that uninterrupted sleep during the night after kids just gives you wings!