Sara Sophia Haynes
Founder - Little Ones Sleep Consultant
Denver, CO

I have a teacher’s heart. I have been a teacher for 11 years, and love to facilitate learning, build critical thinking, and spark curiosity. One thing that has always been apparent to me, even before family life, was the impact lack of sleep had on my students ability to learn and grow. I didn’t understand then just how important sleep is.

Like most sleep consultants, I got started through my own experience. Raising my two boys has been one of the great joys of my life – but it’s also been difficult at times, especially the sleeping side of things. Like many parents, I found myself in the tough spot of not getting enough sleep to enjoy my children or my life. Helping my oldest son to develop independent sleep skills became priority #1.

Once my oldest slept through the night I vowed to start helping to develop my next child’s sleep skills as soon as he was out of the womb, and man oh man, what a difference our family experienced.

Helping our children to learn the skills and develop the habits to sleep independently has been a great gift to our family. I want to help as many tired moms and dads to be similarly gifted. Rest in family life changes everything so positively. Relationships are sturdier and more stable, work gains more clarity, and life becomes more enjoyable. I think even skies are bluer and air crisper.

I hope to give this gift to a great many people. Let one of them be you.