Sarah Megens
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hi I’m Sarah, founder of Hushabye Mountain. As a first-time Mum, I found it difficult enough to uphold a healthy happy family. Let alone listen to other people’s opinions and strategies on my baby’s development and my parenting choices (particularly around sleep). ‘Don’t worry he will grow out of that’ or ‘he is just going through a phase’ are not helpful or encouraging at any time. If I had one source of tried and tested information, I would have saved myself hours of second-guessing, stress and 3AM internet searches!

After completing the Sleep Sense™ Program with my son, I was so happy to see drastic changes to his sleep that I wanted to help other families with their individual sleep challenges. Well rested families produce calm and supportive environments where children can thrive. Sleep produces growth and brain development in children, and well rested children become well rested adults. The best part is these skills are also transferable across different environments which means you will be able to go on that holiday or get out to a friend’s place for dinner!