Sarah Rodriguez Rn
Founder - Successful Sleepers
Ottawa, Ontario

Hi! I’m Sarah Rodriguez, founder of Successful Sleepers.

In addition to my certification as a Sleep Sense™ Consultant, I am a practicing nurse.

Being a nurse, I have strong beliefs in promoting healthy lifestyle choices including nutrition, fitness and mental and physical restoration. And, I am super passionate about the subject of sleep!

I always knew sleep was important, but I gained a new appreciation for it after having my son. You always hear that new parents don’t get much sleep. Well, that wasn’t true for me, at least at first. My baby loved to sleep and so did I. Then, he started waking more and more frequently, and needed more and more soothing to fall back asleep each time. Eventually, my husband got sick because his immune system wasn’t operating properly (from lack of sleep!). It all hit rock bottom one night – my son was waking up every hour, and now I had a husband to look after as well, instead of a partner to share the suffering. The next day I found a sleep consultant and we started sleep training the next night. Within a few nights he could sleep six hours straight, and only woke up once to feed at night. After 2 weeks, he was sleeping 12 hours!!! Straight through the whole night! I was ecstatic!! I realized then how much I wanted to help other parents. There are so many that are in the same boat I was, and I know I can help them get the sleep and rest they deserve.

Good sleep is important for the individual, but also so, so important for the family unit. When you don’t get enough sleep your relationships, work life, and mental well-being are compromised. You’re basically a different person!

But, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, I promise! Let me show you the way…