Seana Clemmons
Dreaming of Sleep Consulting
Charlotte, NC

Hello! I’m Seana Clemmons. I am a Certified Sleep Consultant and became very interested in sleep issues 20 years ago when I was pregnant with my third child. My first two boys were not good sleepers and I realized I could not do it again, so I needed to change my approach. Back then, Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense program was not around, but like today, many books were available. I read….. a lot, and, muddled my way through knowing sleep was important. I knew I could teach my baby independent sleep skills, stuck to it, saw success, and 17 months later implemented the same routines on my fourth child. I was hooked! The difference between my first two children and second two was amazing! They were so much happier, healthier well rested kids! My passion regarding sleep emerged.

Recently, I heard about The Sleep Sense Program that Dana Obleman created in 2003 and my immediate thought was “Wow!” If only I would have had someone available to me, to consult with, to write a personalized sleep plan AND be there for support on those rough nights when I thought I couldn’t do it! It would have been so much easier! My next thought was, “This is my calling!” I became trained and certified through Dana’s extensive program. My passion for sleep has never waivered and now I can help other young moms and dads going through this.

Dana’s methods have been used to help over 57,000 families and I am here to help you. Being a new parent does not mean you have to give up a good night’s sleep and it’s never too late to teach those skills. And the best news yet, you do not have to let your child “cry it out”. So, if you are struggling with your child’s sleep, there are some different ways I can help:

• An individual consultation – in person or virtual
• Group Presentations
• In-home coaching and support

All my packages include a customized step by step sleep plan to solve your child’s sleep issues.
For your free 15 minute consultation (or to book an appointment) call Seana 704-575-1161 or email