Shannon Tolbert
Founder - Dreamy Slumber LLC
Plano, TX

Shannon Tolbert, is a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant and CEO of Dreamy Slumber Pediatric Sleep Consulting, formerly located in Kent, Washington and now in Dallas, Texas. She is passionate about family and enjoy spending quality time with her family. As a working mom of two, wife and CEO she has worked with numerous clients across the states, providing support and guidance on establishing healthy sleep habits for little ones. As a first-time mom, she was adamant that she would be sleep deprived until her son started kindergarten, however after successfully teaching her own son healthy sleep habits, she knew they was hope and that this was something all families should be aware of. She was also able to establish healthy habits for her daughter as well at an earlier age than her son. She learned early on that healthy sleep habits for the little ones will bring hope to parents, making the transition back into the workforce easier and pleasant kiddos.