Hey! I’m Shelbee, Wife and Mother to our 2 year old daughter Gemma. Being a new mom, I quickly figured out that sleepless nights were quite common. But, as a Sleep Consultant I know that it doesn’t actually have to be that way and I want to help YOU get the power of sleep back into your life.

I received my Masters in Social Work in 2017. While receiving my Masters Degree, I worked as a Registered Behavior Technician specifically using ABA therapy to help children with Autism and other Mental Health disorders. Working with children has always been my main focus. As a Therapist, a Sleep Consultant, and through my other experiences, I am astonished at how many children continue to have issues with sleep.

I believe that through proper sleep, better nutrition, positive reinforcement, and emotional awareness we can lay a better foundation for our children’s future.

I love spending time with family, hiking, camping, watching movies, going on vacations, and chocolate!