Sigita Žilinskienė
Founder - Miego pasaka

I’m Sigita Žilinskienė, the founder of Miego pasaka in Lithuania. I’m a mom of three boys. When I realized that I wanted to be a mom for the third time, I didn’t think, the birth of this baby would affect my career as well.

Although the third son was a great sleeper compared to the other two, after 3 months I realized that this is not true: he didn’t sleep in his crib, fell asleep only with breastfeeding, and naps were as long as he was rocking in baby rocker. “Sleep Sense” program had changed everything in one night! So this made such an impression that I would not consider for a long time having the opportunity to be a consultant of this wonderful sleep program in my own country. After all, there are so many parents who need help, and so many of them who probably don’t even know they can get such a help.

I want to help parents to remember peaceful and quiet evenings when they can have time for themselves or each other, I want them to wake up and realize that morning has come and that the whole family will meet a new day well rested, happy, smiling and ready for the new adventures of their little baby!