Siranush Vardanyan
Luna Sleep Consulting
Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I’m Siranush (Sarah), a mom, Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant, and the founder of Luna Sleep Consulting. I came to this line of work by necessity and passion. I had been looking for my “calling” in life for a very long time and wanted to do something that combined my professional background with my love for working with families and children. I hold a Master’s degree in Psychology and spent many years working with families as a Behavior Interventionist and Children’s Social Worker. In practice, I was exposed to children of all ages, backgrounds, and various levels of cognitive development, including children with Autism.

It wasn’t until I had a little one of my own that I realized how difficult parenting really is, how much information is out there for parents, and how quickly things can get out of control. Sleep training my daughter completely changed my life! I finally found a way to incorporate my experiences and passion to help parents and caregivers around the world. Let me guide you in teaching your little ones independent sleep skills so they can sleep through the night.