Taylor Walters
Founder - Taylor Walters Sleep Consulting
New Castle, PA

Hi! I’m Taylor, a Sleep Sense Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant with a passion for helping sleep-deprived mamas. I am the proud mother of two beautiful little boys. After having our first, we went through all the “normal” phases that new parents go through… including the endless months of sleep deprivation!

On reflection of my own journey as a young mother, I realized that upon being exhausted I was often greeted with the phrase “it comes with the territory”. Of course, being a new parent and completely naive, I believed it. When we found Sleep Sense, my whole world changed! Now, after extensive training to become a Sleep Expert, I am extremely passionate and committed to saving families sleep and empowering parents to be able to gently encourage and be there for their own beautiful children as they learn to develop their own independent sleep skills.

After all, teaching independent sleep skills is one of the most important advancements in the way we lovingly raise our children today. If you are struggling with sleep, and you want to teach your child(ren) healthy sleep habits to last a lifetime please reach out to me. Let’s find a solution together.