Tessa Visser
Tessa Visser, Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Junction City, KS

My name is Tessa Visser. I am a wife and mother of a beautiful daughter, a Pediatrician and Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. As a Pediatrician I enjoyed taking care of my patients, but I began to realize a lot of my kids were struggling with sleep problems. I helped as best as I could in the short office visit we had, but I felt I wasn’t really equipping them for success.

When I became pregnant, I decided I needed to have the best tools to be able to ensure my baby would be able to sleep well. My Sleep Sense training taught me to really appreciate the importance of sleep for our kids, and I am proud to be able to help children and parents get their best sleep, and I can help you too. Please contact me to find out more, and take the first step to getting a good night’s sleep!