Trisha Boring
Founder - Aunties Sleep Consulting
Pittsburgh, PA

Hey mom and dad, when’s the last time you or your little one got a good night’s rest?

After talking with many friends and family, I came to the realization that most parents and kids don’t get adequate sleep through the night. I know it can seem overwhelming and stressful, which is why an empathetic and compassionate look from the outside can make all of the difference! Cue Auntie Trish…

I’m a certified Sleep Sense consultant and owner of Aunties Sleep Consulting. I’m an auntie to some amazing kiddos, have years of childcare and nanny experience, 10+ years in the medical field, and a strong passion to help others.

When it comes to children, it truly takes a village, which is why my goal is to raise awareness in the importance of sleep, as well as provide parents with the tools and custom-made plan to help your child get the sleep he or she deserves!