Veronica Ghisla
L'ora dei Sogni
Brescia, Italy

My name is Veronica and I’m the founder of “L’ora dei Sogni”.

As a first-time mother, I found myself struggling with my baby’s sleep, and people were only telling me “it’s going to get better with the time”. Unfortunately, the situation was only getting worst: I was tired, frustrated and exhausted, and so was my daughter.

Thanks to the Sleep Sense Program I was able to help my 8-month old daughter to finally sleep well within ONE day and, since the whole family was now getting enough sleep at night, my way of experiencing parenthood changed. I truly believe sleep is a major factor that contributes to a family’s health, physically and mentally.

I simply could not believe nobody knew about this solution and so many mothers and babies were struggling due to lack of sleep.
Therefore I founded “L’ora dei Sogni” to assist families with concrete sleeping solutions for their children.

I’m the first Sleep Sense Consultant based in Italy (Brescia), but I offer my service also in English, German and Spanish.