Vivian Naperski
Southern Comfort Sleep LLC
Rock Hill, SC

Hi, I’m Vivian Naperski. And, I am the owner of Southern Comfort Sleep. I am here to provide my services to get you and your family the sleep they deserve. I have two boys; Carson (3) & Mason (2). When we had Carson we thought sleep was just something that would come with time. We quickly learned that wasn’t the case and we needed to start moving toward independent sleep for our families needs.

That meant, helping Carson learn to self settle at night; alone. We learned within 2 weeks that this was magic, and it was something we wanted to implement with our second child. Mason arrived, and we started healthy habits and he too, became an independent sleeper.

I knew I was passionate about independent sleep & wanted to share it with as many families as I could. I found Dana’s Program and enrolled. I pride myself on, “not one method fits all” with sleep. And I work with my families to figure out exactly what their needs and goals are.

I look forward to helping you and your family get the sleep you want and deserve. I will support you every step of the way.