Sleep Sense

How To Get A Expert Evaluation of Your Child’s Sleep (And Answers To Any Of Your Questions)

…for (practically) free!

If you’ve started using The Sleep Sense Program to teach your child how to sleep through the night… but you’ve got a few questions… then I’ve got something very exciting to share with you today!

I’ve made special arrangements with my Certified Sleep Sense Consultants (who’ve all been trained extensively by me, personally) to make a limited number of one-on-one telephone calls available to my customers.

Get A Professional Opinion On Your Child’s Sleep…

One of the biggest reasons that parents “give up” on their child’s sleep is that they’re just not sure if they’re “doing it right.”

That’s not surprising. Children don’t come with an instruction manual, so trying to figure out if you’re on the right track can sometimes be very confusing — especially if you’re sleep-deprived!

That’s why a “checkup” with a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant is a great way to get an expert opinion on whether or not things are going the way they should… and what to do about it if they aren’t!

…And Fast Answers To YOUR Questions…

Your Certified Sleep Sense Consultant will also be able to walk you through common issues like

  • What to do if your child won’t settle at bedtime.
  • The best way to handle night-wakings
  • How to “tweak” The Sleep Sense Program for your child’s personality
  • The best times to put your child down for naps during the day
  • What to do if your child gets “sidetracked” by an illness.

… and anything else you might be “stuck” on!

…All For Less Than The Price Of A Movie Ticket!

The best part is that — because all my Certified Sleep Sense Consultants share my vision of giving all children the gift of a good night’s sleep — they’ve agreed to work with you for a ridiculously tiny price!

For only $9, you’ll be able to get on the phone with one of my highly trained sleep professionals — someone who spends their days advising parents how to solve their children’s sleep problems — for a full 15 minutes.

This is usually more than enough time to talk through any roadblocks you might have encountered, problems you’re having, or questions you might want to ask.

Get “Un-Stuck” With Any Part Of Your Child’s Sleep…

If you’re struggling with any part of sleep training, I highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. A quick phone call really CAN make the difference between giving up…and finding a quick and simple solution to whatever problem you’re having!

If you’d like to book a call, simply click on the button below. Within 1 business day (but usually much sooner), you’ll receive an e-mail with a link that you can use to choose a time that’s convenient for your call, as well as the contact information of the Certified Sleep Sense Consultant who you’ll be speaking to.


Sleep well,

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P.S. A couple of quick tips on how to get the MOST out of your 15-minute call:

1. Write down (or make a mental note) of your child’s current sleep schedule. How many naps per day, what time they go to bed at night, how long they usually sleep before waking, etc.

2. Write down ALL your questions in advance, starting with the most important ones.

Oh, and please be mindful of your 15-minute time limit, as your consultant might have another call scheduled right after yours! If you feel like you need more support form them, you can always set up a more in-depth call for a later time!

P.P.S. If you’re wondering what a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant is — or you’re interested in becoming one yourself — please click this link to hear all about what I like to think is The Greatest Job In The World!