Sleep Sense

Looking for a PDF of The Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman?

Great choice! The Sleep Sense Program has already helped over 109,000 parents get their children sleeping through the night.

However, there are a few good reasons why you should NOT download a free copy of The Sleep Sense Program PDF:

1) When you download ANYTHING from a file-sharing site, you open your computer up to all kinds of viruses, malware, and other “bad-guy” stuff.

One mom e-mailed me a few months ago with a story about how she downloaded The Sleep Sense Program off a link she got on BabyCenter… and it ended up wrecking her computer, including thousands of family photos which she didn’t have anywhere else! :(

2) The Sleep Sense Program is SO much more than just a book. When you get your copy here from my website, you also get how-to videos, personal support, planning tools, and much, much more!

3) The Sleep Sense Program is backed by a 1-year, no-questions-asked guarantee. In other words, you can get complete access to EVERYTHING (videos, books, support, etc.) and try it out for yourself. If it doesn’t work for you, it’s free anyway because you can get a prompt, polite refund by e-mailing me personally or calling 206-923-9489.

And — to make the decision even easier for you — I’d like to offer anyone reading this an automatic discount on “The Sleep Sense Program.” You can get that discount by going to this page:

Of course, I obviously can’t stop anyone from downloading my products illegally, so it’s up to you. But please do keep in mind that I’m an independent business-woman and a parent like you — not some big corporation!
Helping parents like you get their children sleeping well is how I provide for my family, save for my 3 children’s education, and give generously to local charities.

In return, I promise to do everything I can to help you get your child sleeping straight through the night!

Sleep well,



Dana Obleman
Creator of “The Sleep Sense Program”

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