Baby Not Sleeping
Through The Night?

Answer Six Simple Questions To Find Out Why.

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My child falls asleep by:

My child sleeps:

My child
is a:

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Information provided by Dana Obleman,
best-selling author of The Sleep Sense Program.

When you answer the questions above, you’ll get a custom sleep plan for your child, which will help answer some of the most common questions parents have regarding their children’s sleep, including:

How do I get my child to sleep through the night (11 – 12 hours)?

What can I do to stop my child from waking up during the night?

Can I permanently put an end to frustrating bedtime battles with my stubborn toddler? (Yes, you can!)

Can I get my child to sleep without relying on nursing, bottles, soothers, or rocking?

How can I get my child to take long, restful naps during the day?

What do I do to get my child out of my bed – and into their own room?