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When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed & full of energy?

If Your Baby Wakes Up Two ...Three ...Four ...Or More Times Per Night Or... 

If They Scream for Hours Unless You Lift Them From Their Crib, Or...

If You Bring Them Into Bed With You - Just to Get a Few Hours' Shut-Eye, Or...

If You Wake Up Each Day Feeling Short-Tempered and Exhausted...

Then This is the Solution You've Been Looking For



My name is Dana Obleman - veteran sleep coach to thousands of exhausted parents around the world.

Most of my clients throw their hands up in despair and plead, "Dear God, please let my baby's sleep get better on its own!"

I'm sorry to say that it won't.

In fact - beyond 6 months - Penn State Scientists found the earlier you sleep train the better.

That's unless you want to trigger ...

  • Negative sleep patterns - the longer you wait, the harder it is to break bad habits and get a good night's sleep...
  • Childhood weight issues - scientists found babies who nurse or bottle feed to sleep are more likely to be overweight by age one...
  • Relationship break-down - studies show lack of sleep in new parents inflames arguments by 10% for every hour of sleep you lose..

Now's the time to solve your baby's sleep problems for good - for a healthier, happier family!

Take My Quiz & Get a Custom Sleep Report for Your Child

How to Transform Your Baby's Bedroom from Battleground to Sleepy Town - As If By Magic

My first son left me so sleep-deprived - I wondered if I was cut out to be a mother.

His sleep was such a disaster that it almost destroyed my marriage. And when I returned to the office after maternity leave ... let's just say I never won Employee of the Week!

Something had to change - so I could escape this nightmare and start feeling human again.

Lucky for you my son's nightly scream-a-thons taught me a thing or two about why babies refuse to go to sleep.

His night wakings were the reason I sought out the truth about babies' sleep - so I could help overwhelmed families get more sleep ... and wake up ready to face the day.

For the last 17 years I've harnessed everything I learned to transform thousands of babies' bedrooms from battleground to Sleepy Town - as if by magic!

Which is precisely what I'll share with you when you sign up for my FREE interactive quiz and custom sleep report.


I'm Offering You a Free "Sleep Report" Customized for Your Child

Your FREE Custom Sleep Report will tell you...

  • The No. 1 reason your baby cries non-stop until you bring them into bed with you...
  • The truth about "Sleep Props" - could something (or someone)  be hijacking your baby's sleep routine?
  • How one simple shift halts bedtime tantrums - giving you hours of guilt-free Grown-Up Time as soon as the sun goes down...
  • And much more!

How to Get Your Child's Free Custom Sleep Report

Simply complete my interactive quiz so we can gather the necessary details for your child's specific situation. You'll then get instant access to your child's custom sleep report. It only takes a few minutes, so get started now.


Join 10,000 Parents Who've Already Received Their Custom Sleep Plan - And Discovered the Secret to a Better Night's Sleep!


"I was exhausted emotionally and physically"

"My son used to wake up at random times of the night. Some nights he'd cry for over 21/2 hours with no signs of giving up! I was exhausted emotionally and physically. Dana saved me, my son and my marriage!"

- Zena S, Toronto


"My husband I are back to spending quality time together"

"I was convinced my baby would never sleep! I still remember the first time my baby slept through - I was thrilled. Her naps are getting better as well. Thank you Dana!"

- Stephanie W, Jersey City


"We were up more than we were sleeping!"

"My son had real problems sleeping. It started with us bringing him into our bed. Eventually things spiralled out of control - and we were up more than we were sleeping! I started to question my abilities as a mom. Now, I'm extremely happy that my whole family is getting more sleep."

- Jody M, UK

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Custom Sleep Report Now


"Me and My Husband Feel Like We're On Our Honeymoon Again!"

"My 12 month old daughter ended up in our bed every night. Otherwise she'd cry for hours - then wake up every 2 hours through the night.

My husband and I were sleeping in separate beds. We barely spoke. And when we did, we argued because we were so tired and cranky!

Now my daughter sleeps 10-12 hours in her own cot, in her own room.

Me and my husband spend 3 hours a night catching up together. We feel like we're on our honeymoon again!"

If You're Ready to Wake Up Refreshed After Hours of Uninterrupted Sleep...

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