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Give Me 14 Days ... And I'll Get Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night - Guaranteed!

In Just 10 Minutes A Day You can Make Sleepless Nights A Thing of the Past ... Or Your Money Back!

I can show you how to switch on your baby's "Internal Comforter" - to stamp out bad sleep habits ... eliminate bad nights ... and melt away bad moods!

When your baby's Internal Comforter is working the way it should - wonderful things happen:

  • Your baby sleeps 10-12 hours straight each night - and wakes up bright ... breezy ... and full of life!
  • You kiss goodbye to night-waking misery - sick of dragging yourself out of bed in the middle of the night? Make midnight screaming sessions a thing of the past!
  • Cat Nappers sleep for HOURS during the day - without rides in the car ... walks in the buggy ... or rocking your baby to sleep!
  • Plus - you'll feel happier, healthier and more energetic than you have in months.

I'll Show You How Inside the Sleep Sense Program.

(Guaranteed to Work - Or You PAY NOTHING!)



My Name Is Dana Obleman


For over 17 years I've helped thousands of regular moms activate their baby's "Internal Comforter" - and get hours of rejuvenating sleep. (That's over 104,776 moms to be precise!) These moms have made sleepless nights a thing of the past.

Forget waking up exhausted and cranky! These moms wake up bursting with energy. PLUS they have time to reconnect with their partners AND they have stamina to shine at work.

The best part is...

...all it takes is ONE simple shift to get your baby sleeping through the night.

And yes, this ONE SHIFT can transform even stubborn sleep tyrants into sleep angels in as little as two weeks.

Now, when I tell you how to make this ONE SHIFT you're going to think it's ridiculously straight forward. In fact this shift is so darn obvious you'll wonder why you waited so long to get started....

Join 10,000 Parents Who've Reclaimed Their Sleep
And Wake Up Feeling Refreshed Every Morning

"Seriously, it's like MAGIC!"

"Thank you for making me a believer. Seriously, it's like magic!

My daughter now goes to bed without crying. She's either sleeping right through ... or waking for 2 minutes and putting herself back to sleep.

Plus - she's actually asking for 'night night'. I honestly can't believe it!"

Shelly S, North Carolina

"It's a miracle. I am so thankful for Dana!"

"Every night after my son goes peacefully to sleep - I say to my husband...

'It's a miracle. I am so thankful for Dana!'

There are not many things that are truly life-changing. But your program has been just that."

Gina B, New Jersey

"I can't thank you enough. We finally have our lives back!"

"The Sleep Sense Program has been a lifesaver! It gave me confidence to do the right thing for my whole family.

I can't thank you enough. We finally have our lives back. My twins wake up well-rested and happy. I would recommend this program to ALL parents!"

Christine B, Florida

...But first, let me tell you about a remarkable study that scientifically proves how this ONE SHIFT lets you tap into your baby's "Internal Comforter" - so your bundle of joy will sleep through the night.

Results of this Study Were Published in the Renowned Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry

Here's what happened when researchers studied infants' sleep routines over a period of 12 months. They wanted conclusive proof that certain sleep strategies lead to better sleep for mommy and baby.

Their results were stunning! You see...

It turns out when parents implement just one change to their baby's bedtime routine - they experience major improvements in sleep length ... quality ... and consistency.

What's the ONE Change that Helps Babies Sleep Through the Night?

Parents are able to fix their baby's sleep problems by becoming intentionally LESS HANDS-ON when putting their baby to bed ... and LESS INVOLVED when their little one wakes at night.

That's right! Parents who are LESS involved at bedtime actually get the MOST sleep when compared to parents who:

  • Rock
  • Pat
  • Sing
  • Or feed their baby to sleep!

Why is that?

Well, when you consistently and strategically limit hands-on contact, your baby learns to switch on their "Inner Comforter" - and falls asleep by themselves. This means no more crying or fussing for mommy at bedtimes ... nap times ... or in between sleep cycles.

And as you already know...

It's the period between sleep cycles that can make or break your baby's sleep! Which is why it's crucial to make this simple shift if you want hours of uninterrupted sleep.

As you can imagine there are good ways and bad ways to become less hands-on with your baby.

Ever Heard of the "Extinction Method?"

Just hearing the word "Extinction" is enough to give you the heebie jeebies, isn't it?

Well, the Extinction Method is a sleep technique favored by certain sleep experts. These experts recommend a drastic approach to "breaking the link between crying and parental response".

Extinction-style sleep training means leaving your baby to cry ... for as long as it takes your tiny tot to give up and go back to sleep.

The truth is this sleep technique can work for some parents. In fact, many parents swear by the Extinction Method. But I don't know about you...

...I never felt comfortable leaving my baby to cry for hours on his own. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!

What's more - there's growing evidence of a link between Extinction-style sleep strategies and...

  • Bonding issues between mommy and baby - leading to maternal attachment problems...
  • Raised levels of stress hormones - in both mommy and baby ... even AFTER your baby gives up crying for you in the night...

Not to mention the pain you feel when you ignore your baby's cries! Are you prepared to take that risk?

The Sleep Sense Method is different.

What Sleep Sense Customers Are Saying...

"The Cry it Out Method? Huge failure!"

"I cannot believe the success of this program. My son was sleeping in our room for months.

My husband was begging me to put him in his crib.

I tried the Cry it Out Method. Huge failure!

Then I found Sleep Sense. Within 3 nights my son was sleeping through on his own - with no pacifier.

This program has given us hope (and our bed back!)"

Christine B, Ontario

"We wanted a method we could be comfortable with"

"My husband and I were against letting our son cry it out all night.

We wanted a method we could both be comfortable with. Finally I found the Sleep Sense Program.

And not a minute too soon!

Our nights were crazy and I was exhausted.

Sleep Sense gave us peace of mind that we were not abandoning our son.

Your method had the perfect balance!"

Kaela W, Texas

"Sleep Sense is the sleep program I thought never existed"

"We are so excited with the results from this program!

We weren't thrilled with the thought of letting our daughter cry it out.

So I was super excited when I found Sleep Sense. Its the program I thought never existed.

My daughter now sleeps 11-12 hours a night - by herself!

She even slept through on a visit to my parents' house. It's amazing!"

Hayley K, Nevada

Switch On Your Baby's "Internal Comforter" - the RIGHT Way!

If you're reading this right now you have a choice to teach your baby to sleep - the right way.

You can follow a safe and simple approach to help your baby soothe themselves to sleep ... without leaving them to cry alone for hours.

In as little as two weeks you can teach your baby to tap into their innate "Internal Comforter" so they:

  • Fall sleep without you
  • Stay asleep for 10-12 hours straight each night
  • Wake up in a great mood
  • Take longer ... more consistent daytime naps
  • Eat better during the day
  • Are more alert and attentive
  • Grow up strong and healthy

The best part is, following my Sleep Sense method takes less than 10 minutes per day.

Just for the record, there used to be only two ways to get access to my sleep training techniques. You could fly me to your home and work with me one-on-one. OR...

...You could hire one of my certified sleep trainers to coach you through my process.

Of course both of these methods work like a charm to get your baby sleeping through the night. But there's a problem - working with a certified Sleep Sense expert can cost as much as $1,000!

And time alone with me? Well, that costs many times more!

Make no mistake - both of these options are worth every cent. But that's a whole lotta cash to fork out for a great night's sleep. It's why I decided to do something about it.

I wanted to make it easy and affordable for EVERYONE to get the best sleep they've had in months!

What's Inside the Sleep Sense Program

The Sleep Sense Program

I've Recorded 14 Days of Bitesize Videos That Walk You Step-by-Step Through My Sleep Sense Method.

Each day you'll discover a simple technique to move you closer to the Holy Grail of baby sleep.

That means 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night - PLUS consistent naps that last for hours!

The best part is, each video is short enough for you to digest in a matter of minutes - without eating into your day. You'll find everything you need for a great night's sleep inside the Sleep Sense Program!

Now I know you're busy - which is why I'm going to spare you every last detail of what's inside the program.

But I want you to know this...

...I designed this Program to be Ridiculously Straightforward

I did this for a reason! It's because exhausted moms don't have the time or energy to watch hours of videos. Your time is too precious.

You don't need to fill your brain with a load of scientific mumbo jumbo. You just want no-nonsense advice that will get your baby sleeping through the night. Am I right?

Inside these 14 Easy-to-Apply Videos You'll Discover:

  • What's the Magic 10 Technique? Use it to comfort your baby without you needing to pat, rock, or feed them to sleep...
  • How to think like an overtired baby! Overcome your fear of harming your baby and watch your baby drift to sleep without you...
  • Got 10 minutes? Help your baby fall back to sleep on their own. Rocking ... soothing ... and feeding for hours every night? Not anymore!
  • An armchair, a cold turkey, and a Hollywood movie studio - a surprising connection that helps babies sleep through the night!
  • How to stop your baby's early morning wake-up calls - kiss goodbye to feeling unrested ... exhausted and short-tempered for the whole day!
  • Is my baby really tired? Spot the subtle signals your baby is ready for bed - even if they seem wide awake and ready to play!
  • The invisible trigger that stops your baby from napping - and how to deactivate this nap-stealer with a simple routine that makes nap times a breeze...
  • Does your baby really need night feeds? Are you too nervous to quit? Or are you ready to sleep the whole night?
  • Amazing trick that stops difficult nights from derailing your progress. It's fast, simple and fun for mommy!
  • What's the secret to getting your baby to sleep in their crib (and stay there all night)? Try a simple game that makes babies crave more time in their own bed!
  • Help! My baby's routine went out the window! How to navigate developmental milestones ... without losing sleep as your baby grows...
  • "Mommy - you can go now!" Your baby can't talk yet ... but this counterintuitive sign shows your baby is ready to be left alone...
  • 3 sure-fire signs your baby has learned to soothe themselves to sleep. Discover them all for peace of mind you're on the right track!

When You Register for the Sleep Sense Program You Also Get Instant Access To:

The 49-Page Sleep Sense Quickstart Guide

A $49 Value!

Do you know why most parents give up on fixing their baby's sleep issues? It's not because their baby is stubborn. And it's not because they're doing anything wrong!

It boils down to one easy-to-fix problem. Most parents are let down by a simple lack of planning!

In this 49-page guide - you'll discover 5 steps to creating a foolproof sleep plan for you and your baby. It contains everything you need to be successful from day 1!


The Sleep Setbacks Solved Mini Course

A $97 Value!

You've followed every step in the 14-Day Sleep Sense Program. Suddenly your baby starts waking in the night again. What gives?!

It's not your fault! It could be down to...

...developmental milestones...
...OR any number of common curveballs!

Discover how to overcome sudden sleep disruptors - with ease! The secret's inside the Sleep Setbacks Solved Mini Course.


The Sleep Sense Bootcamp

A $42 Value!

They say repetition is the mother of all learning. The Sleep Sense Bootcamp lets you revisit your new skills over and over ... in super quick time!

That's because I've taken the program highlights and condensed them into a 60-minute webinar. There's no need to re-watch the full training videos!

You'll find 60 minutes of solid gold info - designed to prompt your memory whenever you need it.

So How Much is the Sleep Sense Program?

As I mentioned earlier - it can cost upwards of $1,000 to work one-on-one with a certified Sleep Sense expert.

But you won't pay anywhere near that!

All you pay for Lifetime Access to the 14-Day Sleep Sense Program - PLUS...

  • The 49-Page Sleep Sense Quick Start Guide ($49 value)
  • The Sleep Setbacks Solved Mini Course ($97 value)
  • The Sleep Sense Bootcamp ($42 value)

...And Hour After Hour of Blissful Sleep is Just $97

But don't delay.

This special price is only available for the next 3 days, then the price goes back up to the regular price of $127.

That's not all! When you register today...

...I Have THREE Very Special Gifts for YOU!

For years moms have been raving about the Sleep Sense Program. But if there's one thing I know, it's that babies LOVE to keep us on our toes. You can: the 14-Day Sleep Sense Program... the 49-Page Sleep Sense Quick Start Guide...
...complete the Sleep Setbacks Solved Mini Course...
...AND follow the Sleep Sense Bootcamp!

And just when you think you've cracked it - BOOM! Your baby has other ideas. Talk about a confidence killer.

So I want you to know this - babies are unpredictable. It's why...

When You Buy the Sleep Sense Program TODAY - I'm Going to Give You These Special Gifts...

Gift #1: Weekly Access to the LIVE Sleep Sense Telephone Hotline

Not sure if you're on the right track? Then hop on this weekly telephone call - and speak to me, Dana Obleman.

I'm waiting to answer your questions - in real time! Let's work together and breeze through your sticking points. So you have confidence to show your baby how to stay asleep the whole night.


Gift #2: 2x On-Demand Email Support Sessions

You're never alone when you register for the Sleep Sense Program! That's because you get dedicated email support from my team of certified sleep experts.

Enroll today and I'll send you my team's private email address. It's yours to use whenever you get stuck. My team of certified sleep experts are on hand to help you crack your baby's sleep issues once and for all.


Gift #3: 114-Page Sleep Sense EBook

Want a recap of your day's training videos without firing up your laptop? No problem! The Sleep Sense EBook has you covered. Download it and print it - so it's right there whenever you need a quick refresh.

What's even better?

Once you download it - the Sleep Sense Ebook is yours to keep no matter what you decide. That's right! Even if you request a refund, you can keep the Sleep Sense EBook ... and benefit from its contents - absolutely FREE.

Ready to Switch On Your Baby's Internal Comforter and Have Them Sleeping Through the Night in 14 Days?

Discounted Price Expires In...

Join 10,000 Parents Who've Reclaimed Their Sleep
And Wake Up Feeling Refreshed Every Morning

"Sleep Sense gave me confidence and peace of mind"

"The coaching videos made me feel like I was receiving one-on-one support.

The regular email follow-ups addressed all my concerns.

And the Quickstart Guide helped me document my progress.

What's even better? There's an actual direct phone line to talk to someone who can help!

After 14 days the results exceeded my expectations. Sleep Sense gave me confidence and peace of mind that my son is getting the sleep he needs.

Plus I feel more in control of my life because I have a consistent daily schedule."

Aimee A, Maryland

"We were not expecting a personal phone call with Dana Obleman!"

"My son would have 2-hour tantrums at night. It took us hours to get him to sleep.

We were amazed that this program worked!

The daily videos were great. Dana's progress predictions were all correct. It made the rough nights easier.

Here's what really shocked us...

We were NOT expecting a personal phone call with Dana Obleman!

It gave us reassurance during the program."

Addilee H, Washington

"Thank you for giving me a good night's sleep!"

"Before this program my daughter woke up every 2 hours or less.

I was exhausted but nothing we tried seemed to work.

I read your Ebook ... filled out the Quickstart Guide ... and completed the program.

Now here we are - and my daughter is sleeping through from 7:30pm to 6am.

What impressed me most was how quickly a member of the Sleep Sense team answered my emails.

Their answers were invaluable!"

Jessica Jones, Sydney

Here's My 12-Month "Sleep Through the Night" Guarantee!


As I mentioned earlier - it can take just 14 days to transform your baby's sleep. Simply follow the steps in the program and SEE the difference it makes to your life!

If you're like most moms - you'll soon...

  • Get 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night!
  • Have time on your hands - thanks to your baby's consistent daytime naps!
  • Reconnect with your partner!
  • Enjoy guilt-free "Mommy Time"!
  • Wake up energized and refreshed each morning!
  • Be more productive at home ... and at work

To date, the Sleep Sense Program has helped over 104,776 moms get a better night's sleep. It's why I'm so confident it will do the same for you.

However, in the unlikely event that you don't see huge improvements in your baby's sleep, here's what I want you to do...

Simply email within 365 days of purchase. They'll be delighted to issue you a FULL REFUND. No fuss. No questions.

That means you have 365 days to try out the entire Sleep Sense Program - and see if my method works for you.

Like I said, most babies start sleeping longer ... deeper ... and more consistently in just 14 days. I'm giving you 365 days so you have plenty of time to try it out without risking a cent.

Simply Put - Your Baby Sleeps Through the Night ... Or You Pay NOTHING!

Here's Your Opportunity to Make the Best Decision for You and Your Baby!

For the Sake of Your Baby's Development ... Your Relationship ... and Your Sanity - I Urge You to Choose the Gift of Sleep!

I encourage you to give your baby the chance to fall asleep independently. Get the tools and strategies you need to transform you baby into a Sleep Superstar.

Simply click the button below - and follow the secure checkout process to try out this life-changing program - RISK-FREE for 365 days.

SEE for yourself how well this program works to transform your baby's sleep. Get ready to feel:

  • Fresher...
  • Happier...
  • Calmer...
  • Healthier...

...than you have in months (or even years)!

And remember...

I'm talking all the financial risk to bring you the Sleep Sense Program. You risk nothing with my 100% "Sleep Through the Night" Guarantee. The Sleep Sense Program must work for you - or you pay NOTHING.

You also get the FREE, 114-page Sleep Sense Ebook - for more pediatrician-approved techniques to help your baby sleep though the night.

As you already know, the Sleep Sense Program is just $97 and here's why that is ridiculously cheap. This program contains everything I've learned from over 17 years coaching parents through unimaginable sleep problems.

Inside you'll every strategy ... tool ... and tactic I've successfully implemented to help transform bedtimes for over 104,766 moms.

Just a handful of these strategies will finally put an end to your baby's bedtime drama.

If I'm wrong, you'll walk away with your money back PLUS an info-packed EBook absolultely FREE! But...

What if I'm Right?

If I am right, your baby will sleep 10-12 hours per night ... take consistent daytime naps ... wake up happy and alert ... and grow up strong and healthy. Not to mention how great you'll feel after hours of undisturbed sleep!

All you have to do is take a leap of faith and click the button below to register. Let the amazing program perform magic by helping your baby fall asleep peacefully - and stay asleep all night long. You won't need to wonder if this program can work for you - you'll KNOW when you wake up refreshed each morning.

Register Now Before the Price Goes Back Up And The Free GIFTS Vanish Forever!


What Sleep Sense Customers Are Saying...

"I thought this program wouldn't work for me. Seriously, it's like magic!"

"My 17 month old hardly slept. I thought this program wouldn't work for me.

Seriously, it's like magic!

We saw improvements within 5 days. Now my daughter goes to bed without crying. I wake up feeling completely rested!"

Kendra D, California

"My doctor was ready to send our son to a sleep clinic"

"Things got so bad with our son's sleep that my doctor was ready to send him to a sleep clinic.

I thought we had tried everything.

The Sleep Sense program is like having a Guardian Sleep Angel watching over me and my baby!"

Michelle V, New York

"If this isn't a miracle I don't know what is!"

"From night one my daughter started sleeping 11-12 hours STRAIGHT ... I still can't believe it!

And she naps twice a day in her own crib.

We went from several wake ups a night to sleeping 12 hours straight. If this isn't a miracle - I don't know what is!"

Rola A, Montreal

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