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Tips for Twins

In my first few months as a new mother, I felt absolutely overloaded. There just wasn’t a single moment where my mind wasn’t completely centered on my child.

So I can only imagine how much that feeling must be compounded when parents welcome twins into the world. Imagine taking on all of the challenges of a new parent, then multiplying them by two, or even three! I seriously have a hard time trying to wrap my head around it.

But if you’re one of the blessed, yet overwhelmed, parents of twins or multiples, I have a special video this week just for you to help you navigate the tricky task of getting them both sleeping soundly through the night.

Rather read than watch? Click here.

If your baby, infant or toddler is having trouble sleeping through the night, help is just a click away! The Sleep Sense Program has helped over 107,000 parents to get their kids sleeping 11-12 hours through the night AND taking long, restful naps during the day. If you’re ready to get started – I’m looking forward to helping you!

Baby Not Sleeping Through The Night?

Get One-On-One Help!

Yes, The Sleep Sense™ Program is a great Do-It-Yourself guide for solving your baby or toddler’s sleep problems!

But if you’re looking for full-service, one-on-one help, I’m here to help!

The Sleep Sense Philosophy

Cry-it-out? Coddle? Co-sleep? Attachment parenting? Ferberizing?
If you’re going to let me help you with something as precious as your child’s sleep, you probably want to know a little bit about who I am and exactly how I think...

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My blog is a great place to find opinions, advice, the occasional rant, and some great videos about sleep.

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