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Is your toddler a "sugar junkie"?

So I just watched an interesting documentary called “Fed Up.” It’s all about our culture’s addiction to sugar. Have you seen it?

I have to say, I agreed with a lot of what I saw in that movie. Especially since I am pretty convinced that I (accidentally) managed to get my first son hooked on sugar.

Seriously… he would be whiny and grouchy and begging for sweets all day long. When I “gave in” and let him have a cookie or a candy, he’d be SOOO happy… for about 30 minutes until the sugar high wore off.

Then he’d start begging for more.

If that doesn’t sound like an addiction, I don’t know what does.

Anyway, if your child’s turning into a “sugar junkie” and you’re ready to do something about it, check out “The One-Day Sweet Tooth Solution.” It’s totally free:


Fair warning: You’ll probably think the approach recommended is crazy at first. But at least read until the end and see if you don’t think it might make sense….

To healthy families,


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