Alison Jones
Sleep Solutions with Alison Jones
Hong Kong

Hello, I’m Alison, your Hong Kong-based baby and child sleep expert.

My journey to becoming a certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant started because our darling Aurora was not living up to her name of being a sleeping beauty. Beauty, yes. Sleeping – not so much. I was at my wit’s end, exhausted and desperate. I had read countless articles, tried to follow several books, my mother’s advice, friend’s advice. Nothing seemed to be working. I was stressed out and overwhelmed, and getting up three times every night was no longer sustainable. I was doing my best, but something had to change.

A friend came to my rescue by introducing me to the Sleep Sense™ Program. She had used a consultant with much success and highly recommended it. After implementing the program ourselves, my husband and I were able to establish healthier sleep habits for our baby. It only took a few days, and Aurora was sleeping through the night. We were then able to face nap and bedtime without the stress it had previously caused us, and take back control of our evenings, not to mention regaining some of our much-needed sleep. It was only after I started clearing my immense sleep debt with uninterrupted rest that I started to feel like my ‘normal’ pre-baby self again. Our sleeping beauty is a testament to how well the program works and I wholeheartedly believe that if it solved our sleep crisis, it can solve yours too.

With a desire to return to work, I jumped at an opportunity to train with Dana Obleman to become a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant. My past corporate experience dealing with vulnerable clients who had been made redundant has prepared me well to help struggling parents in a sleep crisis. Having also experienced first hand the torture of a lack of sleep, I can understand what parents are going through and help them on their journey toward better sleep.

The fulfillment I get from imparting my knowledge and the practical application of a sleep program that I know will work fills me with great excitement and convinces me that it was the right career move. I love the process of solving problems and finding solutions to the sleep challenges parents face with their children.

If you are struggling and need a little help, it is my desire to come alongside you as we work together to improve your child’s sleep habits which will in turn help improve your quality of sleep too.

You could be closer to a full night’s rest than you even realise…trust me!