Babs Streppel-Roubos
Founder - Babs' Help 2 Sleep
Dubai, UAE

Hi, I’m Babs, a certified Sleep Sense Consultant and the founder of Babs’ Help 2 Sleep.

I am a Dutch mother of two and together with my husband we are living in Dubai.

A few years ago we decided to emigrate. We started off in Egypt, then Oman and now we are settled in Dubai. When I became a mother I found that knowing what was best for my children came instinctively. I also noticed that many parents around me were having difficulties with their children’s sleeping and the terrible impact it had on their lives. I decided to pursue a training so that I could help other parents so they could actually enjoy parenting. The moment I discovered the Sleep Sense program I knew that this was the right training for me, everything fell into place! And I followed my dream to start my own business in sleep consulting.

I can’t wait to help families all around the world to bring balance and peace back into their family. So they can optimally enjoy their children and each other once again.