Carla Kurtin
Sleepystar - Carla Kurtin Sleep Consultancy
Düsseldorf, Germany

Hello, my name is Carla and I am a certified Sleep Sense Counsultant™ and a student teacher with years of experience in theoretical and practical educator training.

As a mother of a girl (born 2018) and a boy (born 2019), I know what it feels like to be helpless, alienated and exhausted. We struggled a lot with our daughter’s sleep issues. With the help of a Sleep Sense™ Consultation we were able to support our daughter in establishing a healthy sleep pattern. After just a few days, clear successes were visible.

This success motivated me so much that I decided to help other sleep-deprived families as well. Every child likes to sleep well and we can help them experience and learn this skill.

As an educator and certified sleep consultant, I now also work closely with families and accompany and motivate you on the way to establish healthy sleep with your child.