Chastity Van Pelt
BLISS Pediatric Sleep Support
Ashburn, VA

My goal is to guide you into a state of bliss! Let’s achieve restful sleep for you and your family. As a Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, I partner with parents to create a plan to get your child to sleep. A rested parent is a happy parent! Parenthood is filled with obstacles, but they are hurdles that can be overcome. I am passionate about sleep because I experienced what it is to have interrupted sleep. Throughout my career and nurse practitioner training I experienced sleep deprivation that comes with shift work; my sleep was short and inconsistent. However, that paled in comparison to the sleep deprivation I experienced with my children. Being awoken after a few hours’ sleep and having to rise as early as 4am to start the day is not sustainable and more importantly is not necessary. It left me feeling foggy, irritable, and unmotivated. This experience supports the fact that sleep is a biological necessity; without it we cannot function. Let’s team up to develop a plan that works and achieve a state of bliss for you and your family.