Diane Ciacoi
Founder - Dream Fairy | Sweet Sleep Support
New York | Romania | UAE

I’m Diane Ciacoi, founder of Dream Fairy | Sweet Sleep Support. My background in education (while having one year left of my doctorate in this field), my experiences through motherhood, and my genuine passion for helping others, prompted me to become a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

Through gentle, nurturing, and truly personalized approaches, I support families worldwide on their journeys towards great sleep in ways that meet their unique needs. I work with parents to help them navigate any sleep struggles their little ones may be going through.

My experiences as a mom of two sweet girls have been far from easy. From having a baby with colic, reflux, milk protein allergy, and lactose intolerance… to going through crippling postpartum anxiety and depression… to being alone most of the time through all of this as an expat with a pilot husband… I have felt like a train wreck more often than not.

However, having come out on the other side of these experiences, my silver lining is that I have found a true passion in helping other moms and families with genuine empathy. I want to contribute to the support system that parents can reach out to and decrease the feelings of isolation and loneliness that some parents may feel, especially when they are trying to work through the challenges associated with their little one’s sleep.

With true care and compassion, I support families with having their dreams of sleep come true!