Elaine Delbary
Founder of Counting Sheep Sleep Consultancy
Amsterdam, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Born in Halifax, UK. Currently living in Amsterdam and a mother of two energetic girls. I am the founder of Counting Sheep Sleep Consultancy and graduate of The Sleep Sense Training Program. Prior to that, I was a secondary school teacher for almost 10 years in Manchester.

What I do!

I work with sleep deprived exhausted parents who want to make changes to their child’s sleep habits. I am a sleep expert and I am here to help you when you feel like you have tried many different techniques, read articles, tried what works for your friend, but you are not having success and your little one is not sleeping as you would like.

You are possibly feeling exhausted and are at the stage where you will do anything to get your little one to sleep. You don’t have to continue to live like that. Children are capable of sleeping 10-12 hours a row in a night depending on their development stage, once they have been given the opportunity to learn how to fall asleep independently without sleep props.

I am here to guide and support you step by step. So your child can develop independent sleep skills that will set them up with positive lifelong sleep habits. I will also educate you about the importance of sleep and what your child needs. For this to successfully happen I will be there to coach and support you as a parent. Ensure you know what to expect and help you develop your confidence to support your child through the process and reach your sleep goals.

I have been in your situation and I used a sleep coach. That’s is one of the main reasons why I became one. I want to help other families and share my knowledge.

Get in touch, lets get your family sleeping through the night.

Elaine Delbary