Elizca Bouwer
Unplug Sleep Solutions
Bahrain and South Africa

Hi, my name is Elizca Bouwer, I have a bachelor’s degree in education specializing in Early years. I have been teaching children for 10 years in South Africa and in Bahrain (Middle East) from the ages 4-10 years old. In the school setting I have seen what a big impact it can have on children if they are not sleeping well. I have such a passion for children and decided to make a career change to help in a different way.

I have started Unplug Sleep Solutions, because we all need to unplug at night and get a good night’s rest.

My goal is to help parents and their children get the sleep they need to fully function during the day and not be stressed during the process.

Let’s get you and your child to unplug and gain better sleeping habits.