Evie Ward
Founder - New Leaf Sleep Consulting
Olympia, WA

Hi, my name is Evie and I am the Founder of New Leaf Sleep Consulting, Registered Nurse, and mom of three boys. I am passionate about helping your little one (and YOU!) get the much needed sleep you both deserve.

Eight years ago, I found myself in a sleep predicament with my first son. A colleague of mine recommended I hire a sleep consultant and I was amazed how well I was able to implement the sleep plan and get him sleeping through the night. Fast forward to my 3rd son and I found what worked for my first and second son, was not working for my third. This resulted in a cranky, fussy baby and a sleep deprived mama! So, I hired another sleep consultant to get us back on track and by the second night, we had made huge improvements!

All this to say, I get it! I have first hand experience with babies who don’t sleep and it’s hard to manage!

I look forward to working with you and guiding your little one to better sleep!

Cheers to Turning Over a New Leaf!