Gemma Reynolds
Hush Little Darling
Midlands, UK
Hi, I am Gemma and I am proud to be a Certified Child Sleep Specialist based in Nottinghamshire, UK but working with parents across the globe. After struggling with sleep when I had my now 4 year old, I found the art of sleep coaching and realised that this does not mean crying it out anymore, there can be a more gentle way. It was when sleep coaching revolutionised our lives that I realised that helping other parents to achieve the miracle of sleep, had to be my life’s work.
When I say that I am passionate about childhood sleep, I mean that I am REALLY passionate about it.  I am on a mission to get your Little Darlings sleeping through the night and adopting really great sleep routines that will last a lifetime. I am so thankful that I am able to help exhausted parents become rested parents (as much as a parent can be with kids).
Please don’t struggle, I am here to help!