Gina Gersh
Founder - Lulla By Gina
Toronto, ON

I’m Gina, the founder of Lulla By Gina Sleep Consulting. As a mom of four active boys, including identical twins, I am highly empathetic to the struggles of sleep deprived parents. I’ve been there! And I see you! My clients become my friends, and we work together to get that much-needed sleep back in the house.

My journey to become a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant began with training my twins, but finally took me to the finish line with my fourth baby. Once I got him sleeping through the night, it was truly life changing. The house was quiet and calm at 8pm, with my four babies snug in their beds. We felt at peace again. After that, I just knew I wanted to help tired parents get through to the other side of their sleep troubles. I’m their biggest advocate!
I strongly believe that being a parent doesn’t mean that sleep is lost forever! Helping parents and their kiddos get back on track and get the sleep they need is one of my greatest joys. Parents have their evenings back, the whole family is rested, and ultimately everyone is healthier and happier!

I look forward to personally getting to know every family I work with, customizing a plan that works for their family and encouraging and supporting them to ultimate sleep success.