Hannah Yang Huihan
Hannah Yang Sleep Consulting

It was three in the morning and I remember cradling my first born of four months out on the balcony. He had spent the last eight hours fighting sleep. I craved one good night’s rest and was genuinely too sleep deprived to function. It had been a long four months of surviving on two hours of sleep every single night since his birth and I knew this was the tipping point. I needed support.

The Sleep Sense program came to me through a fellow sleep consultant, she held me through the sleep training process, eliminated all the guesswork and empowered me to stay committed in making changes to my child’s sleep. The calm I see in my two children today is a reflection of how effective the sleep methodology is.

Manoeuvring through your little one’s sleep needs can be nerve wracking. As a certified consultant, I am committed to supporting your family’s unique challenges with empathy and expertise. Nurturing independent sleep for your little one is possible.