Hannah Yang Huihan
Petite Dreamers Sleep Solutions Singapore

It was three in the morning and I remember cradling my firstborn of four months out on the balcony. He had spent the last eight hours fighting sleep.

I craved one good night’s rest and was genuinely too sleep-deprived to function. It had been a long four months of surviving on two hours of sleep every single night since his birth
and I knew this was the tipping point. I needed help.

I scoured through the internet for answers, purchasing every single sleep resource I could get my hands on but found no solace or solution in the materials. It was a minefield of guesswork. The reality was, sleep was more than just a 50-page document. What I truly needed was a professional guiding hand. One that allowed my family to be heard, supported, and understood.

The peace of mind I was searching for came through to my family when I sought the help of a certified Sleep Sense consultant. Louise, held me through the customised program with expertise and positivity. The calm I see in my two children today is a reflection of the clarity in the methodology.

Not only did this empowering journey set into motion better sleep for my entire family, but it also gave me a newfound purpose to make sleep my number one priority. I knew I needed to help families find the same relief. Achieving good sleep for your family isn’t meant to be a complicated mind map. There is no better gift to give a parent than rest and this is why I am committed to hearing and seeing you through this change.

Nurturing independent sleep for your little one is possible.