J-Ray Lieberman
Founder - Lullaby Lane Sleep Consulting
Tampa, Fl

J-Ray is a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant offering customized plans and one on one support, helping parents get their children (and themselves) the sleep they need! J-Ray works with newborns up through early school-aged children as well as offers plans for expectant mothers to set them off on the right foot!

“I myself struggled terribly with my first son’s sleep. I was desperate to get into a better routine as I could just see how the poor sleep was effecting him, not to mention myself and my husband. I refused however to follow some of the harsh plans recommended by friends that left my baby alone to cry. The gentle and effective approach of Sleep Sense changed our lives and now I am committed to helping families all over the country experience the same miracle! Let me help you teach your child how to love to go to sleep!”