Jade Smith
Founder & Owner- Slumber Time Sleep Consulting
Concord, NC

Hi! I’m Jade Smith, owner of Slumber Time Sleep Consulting located in Concord, NC. I am a former teacher, wife to an amazingly supportive husband and momma to three girls aged 1-5. I’m also a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, specializing in the ages of newborn through 9 years old. I am passionate about the importance of sleep in all people, but especially in that of children. Being an exhausted parent is not a “rite of passage” and doesn’t have to be a “way of life” because you have a child. A rested child is a happy & healthy child and this is achievable for you!

Before I found sleep help for my child, I was in your exact spot. I was exhausted, frustrated, anxious, on edge and even angry with the people around me, including my baby. I knew there had to be a better way, something different than what I was doing. Once I sleep trained our first child, I began raving about how it had changed our lives. Our baby was happier, she was more predictable and this allowed for us to have more meaningful time together. The stress on my marriage was even alleviated because we were all better rested. From there, I just wanted all of my friends to have the same freedom we did with a rested and sleeping child. I started to become a coach for my friends without even realizing that this could become a profession for me. Once I found the Sleep Sense Consultant training program, I jumped right in and never looked back.

Giving families the gift of sleep is such a joy for me. I’m literally changing lives by helping coach parents and caregivers through the steps to achieve better sleep for their children. If your sleep situation isn’t working for every person in your family, I encourage you to reach out, even if it’s just to ask questions about how the process works. There is never a time too late for teaching your child better sleep habits. I’d love nothing more than to help guide your family into restful, restorative sleep.