Jenn MacLean
Founder - Jenn MacLean Sleep Consultant
Lantz, NS

My name is Jenn MacLean, and I am a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant. I’m also an elementary school teacher, wife and a mama to a sweet little boy. I live just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I’m delighted to be able to support families worldwide in getting the sleep they need.

While on maternity leave from my teaching job, my husband and I very quickly realized that we needed some help in teaching our son to sleep at night and during naps. We were exhausted and frustrated by not knowing what to do to help our babe. We had such wonderful success with the Sleep Sense™ Program that I decided to train as a consultant myself to help other families facing the same challenges.

I am fortunate to have trained with Dana Obleman, the founder of the Sleep Sense™ Program. Her methods have been used to help over 30, 000 families all around the world solve their sleep problems.

If sleep is a struggle for your babe, I would love to help you. Peaceful bedtimes, restful nights, and regular naps are possible for any family. Using your knowledge of your child and my expertise, I will create a sleep plan that leaves you feeling comfortable and confident teaching your little one safe, healthy, independent sleep skills. Book your Hello Call today to get advice, tips, and find out exactly how I can help you get the sleep you need.