Juliette Moudoulaud
Founder - Fée de Beaux Rêves “Sweet Dreams Fairy”
France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK

Hi, I am Juliette, the mother of three young children, a certified Sleep Sense™ consultant and founder of Fée de Beaux Réves (“Sweet Dreams Fairy”)

I know how it feels to have a child who does not sleep well, as I have experienced this very situation with my second child. Around me, the only piece of advice that I could find was “let her cry” or “it will pass when she grows up”. None of those approaches felt right for me, I then discovered the Sleep Sense™ program and it changed our lives. After this experience, I have decided to become a Child’s Sleep Consultant to restore the sleep of other families. Sleep is so important for the development and well-being of our children, as well as the whole family!

After working with me, your child will sleep beautifully, and because he will be well-rested, he will be calmer and have more positive energy for his new learnings and activities. The whole family will be spending more quality time together and enjoying those precious moments!

I have lived in London for nine years and am now based near Paris so I can work with any parent around the world, French or English speaking.