Katie Roeder
Happily Ever After Sleep Consulting
Delaware County and The Greater Philadelphia Area, PA

My name is Katie Roeder and I am the owner of Happily Ever After Sleep Consulting. I am a mom to two girls who both had trouble sleeping through the night. It wasn’t until my second daughter came along that I decided to look for a solution. Like most new moms, I thought our sleep troubles were normal and I didn’t want to have my baby “cry it out”. I finally found an alternative solution with the Sleep Sense program and was able to solve both of my children’s sleep problems. It literally changed our lives! After establishing consistent routines with both girls I saw a huge improvement in both their disposition and personalities. Everyone always comments how happy my girls are and I know that sleep has everything to do with it.

Sleep became my new passion! Sleep is essential for the growing minds and bodies of children. Sleep is also important for you as a parent! You don’t have to struggle during naps and bedtime and go through your days exhausted. Let me help you get your children sleeping again so you can too! I use a gentle, personalized approach to solve your child’s sleep problems and get them sleeping independently all night. I will support you from beginning to end with phone calls, text message and email support.