Keriann MacElroy
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, Texas

I’m Keriann MacElroy, owner of Dream Factory Sleep Solutions.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Studies, a background in social work, and a passion for helping families.

I have counseled families through the adoption process, trained and supported foster parents, and had the privilege of supporting parents of children with extensive medical needs.  I am thrilled to be using my passion for sleep and my experience in counseling to help solve your child’s sleep challenges!

I am passionate about infant and child sleep issues because I have felt the effects of sleepless nights with my own child and know how it can effect every aspect of your daily life.  When I was a sleep deprived parent, I ended up hiring a sleep consultant who helped us conquer my son’s sleep problems and completely changed our lives for the better!  My experience with a sleep consultant made me want to continue helping families by changing the lives of other exhausted parents just like me.

I believe in the gentle methods that the Sleep Sense™ Program offers because I personally experienced its success in just 2 nights after struggling for months on my own.  This parenting journey goes by quickly enough, you don’t want to be too tired to enjoy it!  With my education, experience and training I can help get your family the sleep you are dreaming of!