Kim Corley
Founder - Cherished Sleep
Auckland, NZ

Hi, I’m Kim, mum to two gorgeous school-age children and certified sleep sense™ consultant. I started Cherished Sleep to help you solve your child’s sleep problems. With a BSc. in psychology and pharmacology, plus 20+ years in the health and education fields I’m well equipped to solve your sleep crisis and give you the tools you need to keep sleep on track.

My eldest son has a learning difference and when he first started having sleep issues years ago it almost broke up our marriage. I know firsthand what sleep deprivation can do to parents and I’d love to help your family sleep better. I work with all ages (0-99yrs), so whether you’re a new parent after advice, or an experienced parent with a sleep issue to fix, I can help.

Parenting is hard enough without missing out on sleep! Let me get you back on track and help you and your family get the rest they deserve. Contact me now for your FREE mini phone sleep evaluation.

Because everyone needs a good night’s sleep!