Laura Gournic
Founder - Busy Beezzz Sleep Consulting
Littleton, Colorado

Hello! I’m Laura Gournic. I not only spent years dealing with my own 3 children, but I was also a professional nanny for over 12 years prior to becoming a child sleep consultant. Getting babies to sleep well in my care was a great passion of mine, even earning me the name “Baby Whisperer” by more than one of my nanny families! I saw first hand what a profound difference good sleep made in the temperament and happiness of a child.

Many of my families suffered greatly from lack of sleep during my nanny years. As a result, I turned my focus to addressing this massive problem and to learning and mastering reliable, effective and easily applied methods to empower families to regain the rest they deserve. Becoming an expert, Certified Sleep Sense Consultant™ has given me all I need to finally make a difference!

If you’re tired of being tired, I can help!



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