Margot Carpenter
Founder - Bubzzz Sleep Consulting
Hong Kong

Hello! I’m Margot, I’m an Australian born, Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and founder of Bubzzz, based in Singapore.

As a mother of two beautiful children ages 2 and 3, I experienced the struggles first hand of the no sleep club. We were physically and mentally exhausted when our sleep trainer came to the rescue. The results were truly life changing. Not only to my children, but as a parents. Once we mastered sleep, we were all in a better headspace!

Empowering families has become a huge passion of mine which is why it was important for me to become certified to help other families that are struggling, and they can reclaim their joy and survive! It is amazing how quickly changes can take place with the right support.

I look forward to you instilling your trust in me to help with your child’s and family’s sleep.

Margot x