Naré Panossian, PA-C
Founder of Early Childhood Sleep Solutions
Bay Area, California

Meet Naré, PA-C
Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and founder of Early Childhood Sleep Solutions
B.S. in Integrative Biology from University of California, Berkeley
M.S in Physician Assistant Studies from Samuel Merritt University
Certified Sleep Sense Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hi! My name is Naré Panossian. Before being called mom by my 3 little ones, I began a career as a Physician Assistant over a decade ago. It was during my schooling where my passion for sleep was sparked. I learned just how important adequate sleep is not only to the child for their over all well-being and neurological development, but also how devastating lack of sleep can be for adults, especially new parents. Just as important, I learned the fundamental sleep hygiene methods that can prevent SIDs for children. I actively used all of this information in my practice with parents and patients for years!

Being in the medical field, I was used to long, sleepless nights and I thought becoming a new mom would be an easy transition. But, nothing could have prepared me for the lack of sleep and what it did to me both physically and mentally, when I had my first daughter. She had terrible GERD (acid reflux), which meant that she was always spitting up, but also constantly breastfeeding for comfort. This lead to a vicious cycle of waking up every 1.5 hours in the middle of the night for feedings and being fussy because of over tiredness during the day; naps were essentially non-existent. Although I had learned so much in school, they never taught the practicality of getting a child to learn to sleep. I constantly felt exhausted and no matter how much my family and friends told me this was a rite of passage for new moms, I knew there had to be a better solution! As many new parents do, I started researching and came across sleep training and just like that, my daughter started sleeping through the night in 4 days! It was blissful to say the least and I finally started feeling like my old self again! I then went on to use these same sleeping methods with my younger two and got everyone sleeping through the night by 6 months.

I kept on meeting new moms and families that were having the same issues regarding their child’s sleep. I realized that there really is a huge gap for parents when it comes to helping their children learn to sleep on their own, since no one is really there to guide them! This is why I decided to become a certified Sleep Sense Consultant, where I was personally trained by Dana Obleman, who is considered to a be a pioneer in the field. I am passionate to bridge the gap between my medical background and sleep for children.

I know that if you are reading this, you are probably exhausted. Trust me-I have been there. The good news is, your child CAN learn to sleep on their own. Let me help you guide them into becoming an independent sleeper in a safe and gentle manner. I promise, learning to sleep will be a lifetime gift you will be giving your child, all the while giving the entire family the rest they need and deserve!