Hi! Iā€™m Natalie, the proud owner of Natalie Shellworth Sleep Consultant. As a mother of two, I am intimately familiar with the toll that years of sleep deprivation can take on you and your family. Like many first-time moms, I was assured that my first born would eventually outgrow his sleep issues, and I clung to that belief for far too long.

When my second baby arrived, I took a different approach after conducting extensive research and made a personal commitment to handle things differently this time around. By incorporating healthy sleep practices and using the Sleep Sense Program, our entire family finally found the sweet relief of restful nights. This transformative experience inspired me to become a sleep consultant, with the goal of sharing the valuable knowledge I wish I had possessed during my initial experience as a parent. The significance of quality sleep during the journey of parenthood is often underestimated, and I am committed to changing that narrative.