Hi, I’m Kexin. I am a paediatrician that provide care to babies and children. I have vast experience in treating newborn babies, as well as older children for the past 10 years. Besides being a paediatrician, I am also a Sleep Sense Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant. I am passionate about helping mums to get the sleep they long for, and to teach their children the skills they needed to sleep on their own.

I have a beautiful daughter, who took me to a breaking point where I searched for help. I found Sleep Sense program and it changed my life! And now, I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to guide parents, and mentor them through the tough time of sleep deprivation. With my education, experience and training, I can help get your family the sleep you are dreaming of.

And I always believe that one of the most important ingredients to a family’s well-being, health, and sanity is a good night’s sleep for everyone. So, if you are struggling with your child’s sleep, and you want to teach your child healthy sleep habits to last a lifetime, please reach out to me.