Patricia Talamas
Patricia Talamas - Sleep Consultant
Qatar and Lebanon

I was once a new mom too. Sleep deprived, at my wit’s end, screaming and in need of help. Who could I turn to? Everyone had an opinion and advice, but nothing worked. With my first two children, I had no one to turn to. But help came with my third child. And so it was that I found someone to help me and my newborn finally sleep through the night.

“It is too hard for me to hear her crying for 30-40 minutes”

“I don’t know what happened, she was sleeping better before and then everything changed”

“I am exhausted and need to sleep. I don’t have any more energy and am always tired.”

“I am always frustrated and I want to have a normal life again.”

Does this sound like you? Well, that was me! This is what I wrote to my Sleep consultant before we started. It changed my life after two weeks. My daughter sleeps through the night and so do we. I have energy during the day to spend with my kids and we are happier and back to a normal routine. I even have energy to go out at night with my husband!

It was this experience that led me to want to help others. My calling is now to help new moms get their babies to sleep so they can sleep too. A well-rested mom and baby make a happy home.

I live with my three children, Marc (9), Roy (8) and Cecilia (2), along with my husband, Hani. I am certified as a Sleep Sense Consultant™. I am tri-lingual, Arabic, French and English, and am able to conduct sessions in any of these languages. My undergraduate degree is in French Literature and Human Resources.

I look forward to helping you and your family get the rest you deserve!