Rebecca Nazzal, M.S., PPS
Dream Big Sleep Consulting
Orange County, CA

“Rebecca Nazzal, M.S., PPS, is a certified Sleep Sense Consultant and the owner of Dream Big Sleep Consulting, located in Orange County, California. She has always had a passion to help children succeed, formerly working with countless children in the public school system as a School Psychologist (among other roles). After experiencing sleep difficulties with her first child, she realized how important it was that families have help and support in this process, and was chosen by Dana Obleman to be personally trained as a pediatric sleep specialist. Rebecca takes pride in working with children (and families) of all ages – prenatal through preschool – and incorporating her knowledge and experience in child development, psychology, and behavior to create customized plans for every child temperament and parenting style. She knows that healthy sleep skills lead to well rested children; and well rested children have the best opportunity to succeed in everything that they do.”