Vanessa Redaelli Johansson
Founder VRJsleepconsulting
Doha, Qatar and Milan, Italy

Hi my name is Vanessa, I am a mother of 2 , a certified sleep sense consultant and the founder of VRJsleepconsulting. I have been myself sleep deprived as my first daughter was a terrible sleeper until the age of 2.5 so I know exactly how it feels.

When my son was born I hired a sleep sense consultant who completely changed our lives so I decided to embark on this journey as well.

I am happy to help many families get the rest they deserve and improve their life quality.

Getting on this sleep journey will be one of the best decisions of your life, I promise :)

I am an expat, I have lived in several different countries because of my husband`s job. Right now I am based in Qatar but I can work with families all around the world.

I speak English, Italian and Swedish.