Yoli Pujadas Ramis
Alberta, Canada & Mallorca, Spain

Hey there! I’m Yoli Pujadas Ramis, the brains behind Somiant Dreams, where I work my magic as a certified sleep consultant. Being a mom myself, I totally get the struggle of sleepless nights. When my little one was four-month old, I decided to dive into the world of sleep training, and hey, was it a game-changer!

Seeing the difference it made for my family got me thinking: why not help others do the same? So, armed with my newfound passion, I started lending a hand to friends in need. Before I knew it, I realized this was more than just a hobby – it was my calling.

My approach is all about empathy and understanding. I’ll never push you into anything, but when you’re ready for a change, I’ll be right here to lend a helping hand. Let’s work together to get those Z’s back and rock those nights like a pro. You’ve got this!