Sleep Sense

Interested in Becoming a Baby Sleep Coach?

If you’re passionate about helping parents raise happy, healthy children, a career as a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant might be the perfect job for you!

I’m currently accepting applications from people who are serious about starting their own business in the fast-growing field of baby sleep consulting. 

I like to say being a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant is “the greatest job in the world” because it allows you to:

  • Do meaningful work that helps others and makes a real difference in the lives of your clients
  • Earn a fantastic income. (Many Certified Sleep Sense Consultants are making more as sleep coaches than they were in the corporate world!)
  • Be in charge of your own schedule so that you can build your business around family – and not the other way around! 

You probably already know that the last couple of years have dramatically reshaped the career landscape. While certain industries have been hit hard, the “sleep coaching” business has enjoyed a significant uptick. 

As a result, demand for professionally trained and certified baby sleep coaches is at an all-time high. But is this career right for YOU?

The best way to find out is to complete the questionnaire below and then – based on your results – book a quick phone call with a member of my team to see if you’d be a good fit to join my family of Certified Sleep Sense Consultants. 


IMPORTANT: Please read before proceeding…

Due to high demand, I’m very selective about who I choose to bring on as a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. My team and I unfortunately do NOT have time to speak personally with everyone, so we must prioritize by selecting people who provide us with the most complete answers below.

In other words, the more details you can share, the better!