4 Tips for Getting Your Baby to Sleep Better

“What should be done eventually, must be done immediately.”

If you’re the parent of a child who isn’t sleeping, you might not need a lot of motivation to make a change. You’re probably dreading another night of laying baby down in her crib and then sitting quietly in the most soundproof location you can find, watching TV with the closed captioning turned on and furiously scanning the road outside the front window so you can catch the UPS guy before he rings the doorbell.

I want you to cling tightly to that motivation, because parents are resilient creatures, and we can adapt to almost anything, including sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, requests for advice on the subject are typically met with unhelpful clichés like, “Welcome to motherhood,” or “Enjoy it while it lasts! Before you know it they’ll be wrecking your car.” Ha ha ha! Nobody appreciates a dumb, moldy joke like someone on two hours’ sleep.

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